MEPs who want to end the war on drugs

In the elections for the European Parliament there was something to vote for because several candidates promised to help us end the war on drugs, the following were elected:



Mag. Ulrike Lunacek –, Green Party


Bart Staes – Groen, Green Party

Philippe Lamberts – Ecolo, Green Party

Czech republic

Miroslav Poche – CSSD, Social Democrat Party


Eric Andrieu – Socialist Party

Sylvie Guillaume – Socialist Party

Isabelle Thomas – Socialist Party

Christine Revault d’Allonnes-Bonnefoy – Socialist Party

Michèle Rivasi – EELV, Green Party


Fabio de Masi – Die Linke, Left Party

Sabine Lösing – Die Linke, Left Party

Jan Philipp Albrecht, Green Party

Terry Reintke – Die Grünen, Green Party

Julia Reda – Piratenpartei, Pirates


Marisa Matias, Bloco de Esquerda, Left Party

The Netherlands

Drs. B. (Bas) Eickhout – Groen Links, Green Party

Drs. J. (Judith) Sargentini – Groen Links, Green Party



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