WikiLeaks exposes chats and list of countries being spied through FinFisher

WikiLeaks has exposed secret conversation and list of countries who had their citizens being spied by their own governments through German based Gamma Group International’ FinFisher spyware.


In a series 4 of SpyFiles documents, WikiLeaks published that Slovakia, Mongolia, Qatar, South Africa, Bahrain, Pakistan, Estonia, Vietnam, Australia, Belgium, Nigeria, Netherlands, Singapore, Bangladesh, Italy, Hungary, Bosnia revealed to be users of surveillance malware used to infiltrate internet users.

WikiLeaks reveals that the majority of customers are just identified by a 8 digits long alphanumeric username, the few recognizable usernames revealed names of third companies such asCobham Surveillance GmbH in Germany, Dyplex Communications Ltd in Canada, Elaman GmbH in Germany and Trovicor GmbH in Germany.

It’s important to notice that none of them have product licenses associated with them, meaning they might be distribution partners, rather than actual customers.

The leaked document also reveals that NSW police have used hi-tech spyware to monitor Australians.

“When FinSpy is installed on a computer system it can be remotely controlled and accessed as soon as it is connected to the internet/network, no matter where in the world the target system is based,”earlier documentation published by WikiLeaks said.

This is the first time when documents about FinFisher spyware in such details have been leaked. It will be important to see how the accused countries will reply to WikiLeak’s claim.

List of documents used in this article:

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