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Search Engine Expert’s Thoughts on EU Penalty for Google

FOR YEARS Companies were penalized harshly by Google (protecting from that is part of our business at LinkResearchTools)

NOW Google was penalized harshly.

This will lead more competitors to complaints and similar rulings can be expected for travel, maps, news, images, jobs, etc.

However, it’s likely Google will appeal this verdict and the trial goes on for another 3 years while more vertical search is dying.

Google might also choose to “accept” even the long-term penalty for non-compliance which is 5% of the revenue worldwide. Given how important PLAs are and how much they are growing – it could make sense to accept that 5% as a “tax” instead of changing the abuse which has a higher ROI.

Also – if Google does not appeal and complies – it’s “quite likely” harmed competitors will now rush civil courts looking for compensation for damages.

Google has

– Penalized websites for 10+ years
– Penalized advertisers and advertising partners

Google needs to

– Pay 2.4B EUR
– CHANGE behavior in 90 days, of face a daily penalty payment
– SUGGEST effective changes
– PROOF that they changed their approach


– What will happen in the USA?
certainly, makes it harder for the FTC to ignore the fact, but man, I can’t see them putting a leash on Google anytime soon
– Will Google really PROVIDE A PROOF that they changed?
– Will Google accept this as tax – 5% tax vs. 55% tax for normal people is still fine

However, Google has given me and most of us a new job, a new life, so much more convenience.

What can be bad about that?

Maybe the fact that there is almost unlimited power and control of the world in Google’s hands? Has been for years?

Did someone say “ethic commission”?

 By Christoph C. Cemper, Link Research Tools

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