REPORT: EU encounter of the third kind

On July 3rd, the European Union community made a contact of the third kind with an alien proclaiming to be the Alien Messiah.

That day, the weather was sunny but often breezy, one could feel something was just not right in the air. As usual for Thursday, everybody had Plux and their favourite stagiaire on the mind. The night was well underway, even the Brussels Geek wasn’t reporting Tweet of the Week.

Captain Europe once again was out to save the night. This time arguing with French extremists.  

Soon the EU Bubble came to defence of the European elite.

Three headed chicken replied something daft.

Then, suddenly out of nowhere there was a light in far distance…

I don’t remember much after Plux, as the saying goes “too much drinking and not enough thinking in the eu Bubble, but I remember this:


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