gdpr failing europes entrepreneurs

Europe’s Entrepreneurs are set up to fail

After speaking in Europe these last two weeks, it’s clear GDPR will set back their startup progress by several years.

The countries here are so risk-averse.

They’re already years behind.

And now they have GDPR.

It’s too bad.

There are so many brilliant, hard-working individuals in European countries.

My friend who runs the largest mobile app publishing company in Europe said,

“If you can build a multi-million-dollar business in Romania, then you can build a billion-dollar business in the U.S. The reason is Romanians don’t even want to give you a penny. You have to fight for every inch.”

When people are afraid to even send emails to ask questions to mentors, get feedback on their ideas, and wiping away 90 percent of a list that’d previously opted-in, there’s something wrong.

I hope European governments can wake up to how foolish they are when it comes to the startup world. They have some of the most incredible entrepreneurs in these countries, yet they shackle them with every step.

I know one day this will change.

I can only hope it’s soon.

By Josh Fechter Co-Founder of BAMF Media

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