Belorussian citizens on EU’s sanctions list

The European Sanctions blog by Maya Lester, Brick Court Chambers & Michael O’Kane, Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP.

The European Union has published a notice informing people and companies targeted by the EU’s sanctions relating to Belarus.  The individuals and companies concerned are those named in the Annex to Council Decision 2012/642/CFSP and in Annex I to Council Regulation (EC) No 765/2006 (both on the ‘sanctions in force’ section of this blog).

The notice states that listed people may submit a request to the Council of the EU that the decision to include them on the above-mentioned list should be reconsidered, before 1 September 2014, and states that any observations received will be taken into account for the purpose of the Council’s periodic review.

The notice also states that the Council of the EU intends to amend the statements of reasons for designating the following people: Mr. Bakhmatau, Mr. Charnyshou, Ms Chatviartkova, Mr. Dysko, Mr. Dzemiantsei, Mr. Dziadkou, Mr. Guseu, Mr. Hureeu, Mr. Iauseev, Mr. Kakunin, Mr. Kanapliou, Mr. Kastsian, Mr. Kavaliou, Mr. Khmaruk, Mr. Kisialiou, Ms Kisialiova, Mr. Konan, Mr. Kornau, Mr. Korzh, Mr. Krasheuski, Mr. Kuzniatsou, Mr. Liabedzik, Mr. Liaskouski, Mr. Lomats, Mr. Lopatko, Mr. Lukashenka (Dzimitry Aliaksandravich), Mr. Maltsau, Mr. Navumau, Mr. Paulichenka, Mr. Piakarski, Ms Pykina, Ms Rakhmanava, Mr. Rubinau, Mr. Rusak, Mr. Sauko, Mr. Shaeu, Mr. Shchurok, Mr. Sirenka, Mr. Sivakau, Mr. Skurat, Mr. Traulka, Mr. Trutka, Ms Tsitsiankova, Mr. Volkau, Mr. Zaharouski, Mr Zaitsau, Mr. Zakharau, Mr. Zhadobin, Ms Zhuk, Mr. Zhuk, Mr. Zhukouski.

Those people may “submit a request to the Council to obtain the intended statements of reasons” before 15 August 2014.


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