The Criminal Networks Threatening The Integrity Of Tennis

Corruption in professional sport is one of the fastest growing forms of organised crime in the world. This investigation tracks the corruption trail from the bottom up, exposing a huge threat to the integrity of tennis.

“If someone was to create the perfect sport for match-fixing, it would be tennis”, says former umpire Richard Ings. Over a decade ago, he created a list of 37 matches that required investigation from the International Tennis Federation (ITF), and match-fixing was officially addressed by a new committee as a result. But new data from bookmakers has uncovered an endemic pattern of gambling corruption in professional tennis. “Bookmakers have a list of players they won’t offer odds on”, says analyst Mark Phillips. Organised crime networks are exploiting vulnerable sports like tennis to fix matches and launder money. With new revelations and exclusive interviews, this report uncovers how unregulated online betting shops make billions of dollars per week from crooked sport.

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