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Every European Citizen has the right to work. Without having proper access to work they do not have the full dignity of citizens. Among other things, the right to work refers to the creation of jobs, putting an end to unpaid internships and underpaid jobs.

Article on the Right to Work PetitionThe right to work not only ensures the freedom to choose and accept work, but also includes the right to fair and just working conditions; respecting the health, safety and dignity of the worker. It also embraces protection against unemployment.

We ask the European Parliament, the European Commission and all the Member States to implement the right to work promptly. By ensuring that communication between stakeholders, industry, trade unions, decision-makers, employers and employees is effective; by ensuring effective use of the Social Funds (for example, the Youth Guarantee Fund structure needs to be restructured); by promoting employment policies at a European level, so the differences between North and South are minimized.


The Let’s Start the First European Party, in partnership with Bingo, Brussels Interns NGO, is presenting a Petition to European Parliament on the implementation of the Right to Work. The Right to Work is laid down in the European Treaties, Universal Declaration of the Human Rights and International Covenants and our goal is to fight for its full implementation. The Petition will, later on, open doors to a European Citizens’ Initiative.

We are fighting for our Rights and you can join us by helping us collecting signatures, by promoting our petition or simply by signing it. Together we can make ourselves heard, and bring about much needed change.

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