European Interns’ Day

Interns, young professionals as well as employers, officials from EU institutions, and civil society organisations advocating for youth employment, will take over Place Luxembourg to protest in front of the Parliament against interns’ precarious working conditions in Europe. With youth unemployment escalating across EU Member States, the event represents a call for new solutions to boost employability through internships with fair remuneration and quality training.


Following the outdoor gathering, the European parliament will host a panel debate, where InternsGoPro, a NGO representing 20 youth-led organisations in Europe, will set the groundwork by launching the first European Label for Quality Internships, developed throughout a 6 month-tour across Europe.

Throughout the European Interns Day, journalists are welcomed to listen to the views of civil society and attend panel discussions towards bettering the working conditions of European Internships.

Our intervention in last’s year Sandwich protest was featured by a wide range of International media outlets, such as EuronewsDer Spiegel and the New York Time. Given our stronger collaboration with a long list of organisations, as well as the EU institutions, we foresee to reach out to a much wider audience this year.

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