AEGEE Europe/The European Students’ Forum demands a change in the European direction

AEGEE Europe — European Students’ Forum launched the Y Vote 2014 project.

Following the success of the first edition of the Y Vote Project which was aimed at raising awareness of the European elections in 2009 and increasing youth participation, the Y Vote 2014 focuses on the first-time voters and students with an objective to turn them into important actors of the upcoming European Parliamentary Elections. This is being done by giving them clear, objective and credible information regarding the elections, EU institutions, EU decision-making processes and policies, as well as other relevant information. In this way and through different activities the Y Vote 2014 promotes participation, political knowledge and democratic identification to encourage young people to take part in the elections.


Y Vote 2014 wants to make young citizens understand what is the exact impact which the EU has in their lives, as well as to empower them to become multipliers and ambassadors of the pro-European message in their realities.

As the only pro-European born generation, we do not know what war is, what not being able to travel, study or work abroad means, what not having all the rights we have means. We are very aware of the enormous effort and heritage which our parents and grandparents have given us, and we are not ready to let Schumann’s dream fall apart after reaching this point.

We need more Europe, more integrated and social than ever. In order to do this, we call upon an intergenerational dialogue. Young people going on the streets and re-inspiring their elders. Re-convincing them about the core values which this European project was built upon, and making them understand that Europe is still the way to go.

Young people are no longer the future, we are the present and are here to influence and shape the Europe we want.

Until the present day AEGEE has implemented a number of activities within the project, however even more are on the agenda. One part of the Y Vote 2014 Project constitutes an organisation of European Student Conventions – conferences gathering young people to discuss various issues with decision-making bodies from local, national and European level in order to create a Student Agenda for Europe. This is a document which will contain a set of recommendations drafted by participants of those conventions based on their expectations of, and ideas for, a better Europe. This document will further be presented to the next Members of the European Parliament for them to learn the needs of the European youth. Three conventions have already taken place – one about youth participation and European citizenship; another tried to find ways to bridge the EU’s “democratic gap”; and the third addressed the issue of youth unemployment. On the schedule are also many vital, interesting and challenging themes for young people to discuss and demonstrate their vision on. The topics include austerity-solidarity, education and mobilit

Voting Guide

AEGEE-Europe is also developing a Voting Guide which will help young voters to get acquainted with the EU, the rules to be eligible to vote, the voting procedure, the European political groups and parties. The guide will also provide interviews with representatives of every European political group in order for the voters to make a well-grounded and informed decision at the ballot box at the end of May. The Voting Guide will be available online and accessible to everyone in the nearest future.

Bus Tour

The third part of the Y Vote 2014 Project is identified with a motto “Y Vote 2014 on the Road” and involves organised bus tours in Croatia, Spain and the United Kingdom to promote citizen participation in the EP Elections. This campaign intends to empower the young generations to start a trip on a bus, firstly, in a country severely affected by crisis – Spain; secondly, in a country with striking and increasing levels of euroscepticism – UK; and thirdly, in the new EU member state – Croatia.  These bus tours are aimed at encouraging older generations to re-establish their commitment towards, and belief into, united Europe and to ensure more informed choices in the forthcoming elections. The bus tours are expected to take place in May, before the elections.

To conclude, AEGEE-Europe is a strong advocate of youth participation and therefore within the Y Vote 2014 Project actively works to engage not only AEGEE members but all young Europeans in the EP Elections in May 2014. AEGEE-Europe welcomes informed, responsible and justified votes, hence the association will continue its endeavours to create an environment that will ensure such votes from all young Europeans.

Follow and participate in Y Vote 2014 future activities via Twitter @YVote14 and

President of AEGEE Europe Luis Alvarado Martinez

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